This site will document the life and work of Sax Shaw, tapestry, stained glass  and watercolour artist. We hope to record extant works particularly those permanently sited in buildings and on view in public collections as well as many that are held privately. If you come across Sax’s work please let us know through the comments section of the Visitor’s Book, if you have photographs that you are willing to share on the site again we would love to add them.

The site will grow over time and be a lasting tribute to Sax and his work.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Good morning, spoke to Kevan last night at the Dovecote opening, interested in the september exhibition and will get details of Royal Infirmary painting which my father in law has.
    Alastair Cunningham.

  2. A fellow church member and I are researching the stained glass windows in Kilwinning Old Parish Church. The last one installed, dedicated in 1989, was to commemorate the 800th Anniversary of the founding of Kilwinning Abbey and was designed and constructed by Sax Shaw. We’re having difficulty identifying some of the elements in the window and wondered if there is an archive of his work which will help us to identify these.

    • Willie

      I am sorry for the very late reply for some unknown reason this comment has been stuck in moderation and only just popped up. Sax’s archive is with the University of Edinburgh library. Christian Shaw was involved in this window so he might know more his mobile number is 07599 397227.

      Sorry again Kevan Shaw

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