Sax on the Web

This is a collection of links to articles and images about Sax and his work. Click on the images to go to the referring page. If you find anything else interesting please include it in a comment below, Thanks!

Ronie Ryan’s film interview with Sax and Robin Philipson  (3 parts)

Francesca Baseby’s talk about Sax at the Dovecote on 19 January 2012

Embroiderers Guild page on the Festival of Britain

describing The Lion and the Oak Tree tapestry

Canmore reference to the stained glass window in

Restalrig Parish Church Edinburgh in Scotland’s Places

SCRAN Listing for The Camargue stained glass panel

on display at the National Museum of Scotland

Hyndland Parish Church

Abbey Church Kilwinning

Canmore reference for StAndrews Parish Church of the Holy Trinity

Martin’s Bank Tottenham Court Road, Tapestry 1956

North Berwick window photos by Margret Ferguson Burns

  Glenmuik Church, Ballater on Undiscovered Scotland


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