Giclée Prints

We have selected a number of works from the collection to reproduce as limited edition Giclée prints in association with the memorial exhibition. Each of these is being printed in an edition of 12 dated and signed to establish authenticity. Each is produced exactly the same size as the original and are offered, mounted or rolled in a tube for posting, for sale. Each picture has been selected for it significance in Sax’s body of work. If you wish to purchase a print please email me with your choice of print and I will send information for you to pay by PayPal.

Farmhouse 1940, Watercolour. This is one of the few paintings that Sax made during the war. Sax worked as a farm hand and tractor driver and this painting is likely to be of one of the farms where he worked. It is now in a private collection Print £95


Byrrh 1947, Watercolour 560mm X 395mm. Painted during Sax’s first visit to Paris. This is one of several versions of this scene Print £115

Marseilles 1949 Watercolour 803mm X 549mm. Although dated 1975 by the signature this watercolour was painted in 1949 during the visit to the South of France by Sax, Maisie, Robin and Brenda Philipson. Boats are a repeating subject throughout Sax’s paintings. Print £115

The Last Harvest 1960 Watercolour 565mm X 385mm. During the war Sax worked on farms in the borders. By 1960 the stooks of corn were fast disappearing being replaced by machine formed bails. Sax painted this as a memory of his days harvesting. print £95

Fighting Cocks 1949, mixed media 355mm X 400mm. This is the cartoon for the first tapestry Sax designed and wove for Mount Stuart and was instrumental to his appointment as Director of Weaving at the Dovecot Studio print £ 85


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