This site celebrates the life and work of Sax Roland Shaw, 1916 to 2000. We aim to locate and identify extant works, in particular tapestry and stained glass. We also aim to catalogue the Shaw family collection and keep people up to date with news about exhibitions and availability of work for sale at auction or from private collections. Please do leave us a message or sign the visitor’s book


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. The other day a visitor to or home,semi-detached 3 bedroom, remarked upon a tapestry hanging on the wall, I explained how I came to own it, they were very
    Interested, but clearly found he story difficult to believe. The forgoing prompted me to look on the Internet where I learnt of the death of your father.
    To cut a long story short, and if you are trying to trace examples of your fathers work, the tapestry titled Fish,which was at Sheffield, (but not displayed ) for the exhibition of your Fathers tapestries, is in the possession of my Wife and I.I would be glad to send you a photograph of same, plus photocopies of letters from your father.

    • Sam

      I am delighted that you have made contact. I would very much like to have a photo of the tapestry and copies of letters. I am in the process of transferring archive material to Edinburgh University as part of the Edinburgh College of Art’ archive It is good to find works that are out thee being appreciated.


      Kevan Shaw

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