Exhibition Progress

A selection of art from the Shaw family collection has been made and we are now preparing the pieces for exhibition. After considerable discussion we feel that as many of the pieces have frames that Sax selected, we should show them in this fashion rather than start a wholesale reframing exercise. This may lend a slightly eccentric appearance to the exhibition, but we feel it is appropriate.

In addition to the original works we will be creating some reproductions using state of the art digital technology. Sax was fascinated by the way paintings in particular could be copied and he did undertake some experiments with laser copies when the technique was quite new and we do have one or two of these early copies in the collection.

This week sees the opening of the exhibition “Weaving the Century” at the Dovecot studios in Edinburgh. We will be at the opening to see various of Sax’s works on display and to distribute cards for the exhibition. We hope to see you there.




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