2 Weeks to go!

This week has seen invitations to the Private View posted. If you didn’t get one and want to come, please email me or stick a note in the visitor’s book. I have also been assembling a soundtrack of Flamenco guitar music from Sax’s collection of LPs, re-formatting videos and writing the introductory texts. Christian has been fitting in re-mounting and re-framing these works, in the midst of a busy time in his own studio working on stained glass restoration. Other friends are helping with PR and organising the very necessary refreshments for the Private View. It will be a good night!

3 Weeks and Counting

Work progresses on framing and mounting. The PR machine has started rolling and we are already on “The List” Website.   Now that we have the exhibition content well under way, we are looking at the presentation and information. Many years of working in Museums and Galleries leads me towards creating a real experience for this exhibition albeit without the budget available to larger museums!

4 Weeks to go!


Work continues with remounting and reframing Sax’s pictures to get them ready for the exhibition. The Giclée prints are now completed and I am currently working on the contextual material, ie, text and ephemera that will be displayed along with the art from the family collection. Much of this material was recovered from the nooks and crannies of Sax’s studio where it had lain neglected for many years. Much of it was in relatively poor condition, but it is nonetheless interesting to look at, in terms of providing context and showing the depth and breadth of Sax’s work.

Hard Work!

We have all been busy today, Christian and Andrew cleaning frames and I have been photographing work for the catalogue, and setting up some ephemera to tell the story of Sax’s broad range of work. So far we have an exhibit on church furnishings and vestments, stage and costume design and murals. Work is progressing on Giclée prints, we have selected pieces ranging across Sax’s working life and range of work, we expect that there will be something to appeal to everyone.

Giclée Printing

I have been working on preparing pieces for reproduction using the Giclée process. It is fascinating looking at the work and realising the depth of colour and tone that Sax achieved, especially in his watercolours. It has been a real challenge achieving the same vibrancy in the prints. So far the early pulls are looking good, so we should be doing production runs in the next week or so. In the collection there are a number of laser prints that Sax did in the 1980’s. He really drove the local copy shop mad with the challenges he set them. This new series of prints are of a far finer quality and will be in numbered editions for this exhibition. We hope that creating these affordable pieces will let many more people enjoy Sax’s work in their own homes and offices.


Exhibition Progress

A selection of art from the Shaw family collection has been made and we are now preparing the pieces for exhibition. After considerable discussion we feel that as many of the pieces have frames that Sax selected, we should show them in this fashion rather than start a wholesale reframing exercise. This may lend a slightly eccentric appearance to the exhibition, but we feel it is appropriate.

In addition to the original works we will be creating some reproductions using state of the art digital technology. Sax was fascinated by the way paintings in particular could be copied and he did undertake some experiments with laser copies when the technique was quite new and we do have one or two of these early copies in the collection.

This week sees the opening of the exhibition “Weaving the Century” at the Dovecot studios in Edinburgh. We will be at the opening to see various of Sax’s works on display and to distribute cards for the exhibition. We hope to see you there.




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